The Porchdogs formed in order to perform the kind of music they loved but rarely heard in Central Florida--the accordion driven music of Louisiana Cajun/Zydeco and also Irish and German for special events. As a trio, the group plays acoustically (strolling or stationary) or amplified (with pre-recorded bass and drums for backup). As a full band (the best way to hear the group), Porchdogs adds bass and one of several fine drummers we normally use. For German Music we bill ourselves at the “Polka-Dogs”, and for Irish as "Contradance".

The Porchdogs band is well-known throughout the state, regularly performing at Orlando's theme parks, at festivals and fairs, at nightclubs, and at numerous corporate and private events. The group is ideal for theme parties, Octoberfest, St. Patricks day, Swamp Theme, Gator, Mardi Gras, New Orleans, 'Fish Camp,' Fais do-do, Rural, and Holiday and Christmas; great for family reunions, house parties, wedding receptions, barbecues, picnics and casual get-togethers.

The Porchdogs is the only group (national, Louisiana, or Florida) to have performed every year (all 15) of the Ft. Lauderdale Cajun Zydeco Crawfish Festival--now defunct, but at the time the largest event of its type in the country. The band has also been a featured act daily for over 15 years at the World Famous Iron Horse Saloon during Bike Week and Biketoberfest, Universal Studios Mardi Gras, Walt Disney World Port Orleans, and Cypress Gardens. They have appeared at House of Blues, and Skippers Smokehouse, and Johnny Longboats, as well as numerous clubs and dance halls throughout the country.

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"Thanks for a wonderful evening. As we always have folk music, I wasn't sure how the Cajun music would go over but to say it was a hit was an understatement. Sometimes after the dessert break a few start to nod off. Well no one did that...! One of the guys asked me how I heard of that kind of music. I could not believe anyone has not heard it before. Guess we all are never to old to learn something new. As far as I was concerned that was the best house concert we have had in the 6 years we have been together.
Thanks again." -Jo Legg

"The Porchdogs are an awesome band with a large following that always make our events a success." -Lenny Fortune, Johnny Longboats, Singer Island

"Wow, haven't seen the Porch Dogs since the last time they played the Fort Lauderdale Cajun Zydeco Crawfish Festival - or was it a one-off gig in Stuart, FL? Better and better... Right up there with Beausoleil."

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Cajun/ Zydeco Music and History Appreciation Workshop
The Porchdogs also have a special Cajun/ Zydeco Music and History Appreciation Workshop. The workshop focus is on all the elements of the music and revolves around the fiddle and accordion. Our workshop is 60 to 90 minutes long (depending on class time available) and incorporates live music, recorded samples, audience participation, and question and answer sessions with prize give-aways. We have done this at colleges, libraries, house folk parties, and at the Ft Lauderdale Zydeco Festival. The full band can also perform after the workshop if requested.
The Porchdogs are available to play your party or event!

Squeezebox, fiddle, guitar / harmonica, bass, rubboard,
and drums. 2-8 musicians:
duo or trio available with bass and drum on track, quartet or quintet, or add sax and/or pedal steel guitar for an even bigger sound and more versatility.

Acoustic or Electric / Strolling or Stationary

Cajun/Zydeco dancers and dance instructors and Cajun caterer are available

REFERENCE: American Federation of Musicians of Central Florida

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Porchdogs for years use sequences to enhance our rhythm section. This allows us to twin fiddle and play amazing accordion and fiddle selections when budget does not allow for a full six piece band.